For Q and her

Cuffs turned upward, I can see a piece of the heart. A soul painted in pixels. Stuck for freedom. The last living thing. Stuck in the weekend, we’ve been dancing so long. Got carried away. Spinning with arms locked tight, greedy fingers. It’s almost taken me. Please. Just roll up your sleeve. Advertisements

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Day and Night

“Don’t fall asleep yet,” she said. “Don’t you want to talk some more?” The moon was showing in the sky as the rooster looked up at the owl. The oak tree loomed large in the evening where her eyes peered sadly back at the rooster. He hated when she did that. She was so cute […]

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Sheep count shephards

You'll find here a collection of my short stories and poetry. I'm putting them all down so that you can share your comments and suggestions on how to improve them. I'm always up for new things so if you are interested to collaborate on projects, let me know.